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Home > Internet > Tafrqk site combines online at one address Tafrqk site combines online at one address I read an article on the introductory blog the world of Technology About Web site 2.0 New collects your links and services online at one link in one page means like you have a special site you and in which all the services you use online within a great service and offers a lot of effort just now to define your situation with the Internet to provide only one link meets the purpose along the lines of what I did this in my service To register in a very simple operation of service continued with me pictures:

First go to the service site at the following address Then, fill in the fields on the left of the above with page :

وبعد ذلك يطلب منك كتابة كلمة سر خاصة بحسابك على الخدمة وانتهى يمكنك تصفح الخدمة بكتابة اسم المستعمل بعد عنوان الخدمة يعني كأنه "subdomain " Address small and easy conservation very practical and so you get such a result. On the idea of ​​service are accepted in writing services addresses in Arabic

Enjoy the service very useful ....

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  1. Thanks brother Aziz on this idea …. More creativity more excellence to raise the level