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GIA = CIA This is what I found in a securities cash Algerian

When I receive today in a local banknotes was surprised by the presence of writing behind the unusual

Writing says GIA = CIA and Djia is a terrorist group had planted Alrhb in Algeria during the black decade

Leaving behind the deadliest massacres Kmdzrh Bin Talha and Sidi Moussa

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  1. I want pictures of the Algerian currency and ASAP

  2. Because he wanted to deliver a message to not Threya who support terrorism that they are supporting intelligence Alo MAP

  3. Coins of symbols of sovereignty such as science. But regrettably, we find some people Idnssounaa .rbe guide them.

  4. Can be true what I said my brother..

    Terrorism this time, unfortunately, do not leave a trace..

    Gives you a thousand well-being received

  5. I guess that Hedda intentional act . My father understood Hedda that there are still points you want to scare us and Oarjaana years to the destruction and devastation that we knew and lived through the horrors of which we still do not Tantjra of offal.

  6. Possible that this writing is the process by one general DS fear in the hearts of all the people there have become some of the tricks of the young men expose of this writing Pktearerrrrrrrr.

  7. Peace be upon you … After carrying out a simple calculation does not possibilities floor area which you call Algeria and Dkhalaha National Alferdistkhgel and say a word of currency Algerian Regarding writing I see all foreign interference Sinfa was an enemy of the same………. The attempt intolerance of the country and Mjammelth including it is not cover everything that happens and the sun and sieve, politics, opium and stick and demonstrations and change and reconciliations and interventions and sovereignties and the ambassador and the minister and bribery and chaos words did not remain meaningless in a country without . I love the love and hate of hate

  8. Aladdin if you want to copy gotta lot of corresponding transcription

  9. I am shy of being a proud Algerian and I reached for it

  10. I want to be bottom of the list with traitors because I Xt of those in the first and I want to be like them

  11. Hisham says public and private Where My son did not remain private and the public does not we are all in the Hamma

  12. All of the soldiers earned it simple people or rather Jbilji fifties thanks to Du what you call terrorism and terrorism do not like Jhlkm

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  14. And oh God haram Vernian Stop what you Guetlto innocent people and God intended
    God Habo Photo Puppets only Algerian currency you die, Algeria

  15. No these are not 100 dinars from 1990, as everyone knows cash for securities in Algeria full of Dgiws Trouh la post to give you the full money syllables alors Lord guide us and Hedda place

  16. What Derh them to Rahm Aakhalau Vic Bujada O O O Boheoff Aahmar Dub

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  18. Peace be upon you, O my brothers I am Algerian and proud of my million and a half country, thank God, we are in a country of democracy and those just a book of one Zaigh Rouho because of the freedom of the Balkan Crown to protect him Zaigh Rouho more than to write it and forgive me, O Jamaat God patriotism Algeria Yeh mold and live Algeria independent apt

  19. Terrorism alone Nqtahm

  20. God is haram and what you Guetlto Enough innocent people who live all my security men were in the service of Algeria martyrs
    The money Alqzih God protect you and every Muslim

  21. Madhanic Anu be the guidance I am writing a new unit of the people you are writing in banknotes and VT years so far still Marjachhevc not paper them Hedda Lada Mcanc owner who is Almqat House this topic Aallsh