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Algerian blogger. Technical Adviser in Communications , Interested in the technology community and religion, Codifies irregularly in a blog Daily Mail , With expertise in the areas of : Communications , Networks , Servers ,Web design dynamic and customized solutions, Lennox systems and open source software.

The ( KAUST ) And(Holocaust) Saudi press ..!!

In the name of God the Merciful Given the importance of the Saudi issue for me, and given the importance of the topic of Sheikh Alstrae and Aldilm who suffered by the Saudi press convey to you this wonderful for article Dr. Adel bin Ahmed Banaamh God bless it because it is a response carbonized and defense Sharif and show the truth of what happened in style and Mtodb opposite chutzpah that came out ... Read More »

Why do not you meet with the owners of literary blogs ...

In the name of God the Merciful the subject written by Tahir Hello to you of what I liked most during the recent period and pulling my attention is the experience "barcamp", how the idea started and how it has become .... I followed the idea since the first topic ... .alvkrh to meet a group of bloggers and interested in Web technology somewhere, speak on issues related to the Web, and information technology .... ... Read More »

Sleeping Giant, Istfik..o threatens us !!

In the name of God the Merciful and the darkness of the ambiguity and gray cloud with increasingly opaque years offering cloud-borne easterly winds coming from a country nicknamed the sleeper Balamlaq equal to a country with a population of five inhabitants of the planet , 90 Per cent of them do not believe in the existence of the Lord of the worlds , This giant, which crushed under his feet 30 Million Muslims in the territory of Uighurs and deprives them of the most basic elements ... Read More »

Do you think that there is a war will break out nearby in the Middle East?

In the name of God the Merciful please all visitors to participate in this vote on the possibility of a war in the Middle East soon Read More »

Festival Mushroom Said Per fasters

In the name of God the Merciful Here Eid al-Fitr for the year 2009 We accept dedicated to each of the great joy of fasting holy month of Ramadan a month of worship and draw closer to God and to try full of hope in forgiveness and pardon Rabbani, ask God in this happy day to accept our fasting and forgive us our sins and bring us Ramadan next creation of God and we are still on the trail of worship and closer ... Read More »

I am free Please Tqidny

The name of God the Merciful why many insist, trying to put the laws of blogging? Why trying to adopt this notation and classification of bloggers to valid or invalid? Let the people and will.. Look for other things occupy your time out and called the blogs ... let him however he wants to write in any language and willing .. Blogging is not exclusive to a certain class of people Read More »

Ramadan Kareem and Mubarak to all Muslims

In the name of God the Merciful This Ramadan we accept loaded with blessings and good things to ask God to bless us up in the faith, and after about disobedience and security everywhere in this gracious occasion I present this beautiful background for measuring the load 1024*768 For measuring the load 800*600 Read More »

What would happen if:

· عشنا حياة غير حياتنا ؟ من طرف كريمة                        بسم الله الرحمن الرحيم و المقصود هنا ليس أن نتقمص أدوار غيرنا في الحياة ، إنما أن نجد أنفسنا خاضعين لأسلوب حياة ليس أسلوبنا، أو أن نختار أهم قرارات حياتنا ارضاءا لشخص آخر، و بالمختصر حين نفقد حقنا في اختيار تفاصيل حياتنا.. Read More »

The coolest rare Arts

I wrote you a decent                       In the name of God the Merciful            The art of communication with others is one of the most important skills that must be acquired in our lives, but this skill is based on respect of rare art.. Read More »

For me this is ....

Merciful God, what is your definition of the character? ... Read More »