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What gave me the state to give her? Enough laughter to Zqonna not stupid !

What do you want the state of the young man in front of him and not behind all these taxes under various names Otridny that I pay it from where?

No, by God, I will not, even if I pay my blood for that, since when did the interests of the state know Khaled Maimon? Ha, why didn't they know me when I was washing dishes for a whole day in return? 100 DJ Why didn't they know me when I was watering the lands under the scorching sun for 250 Dj why didn't they know me before haha

Now they know me when I opened a simple phone service store “flexi ” I hardly make a living and they want me to pay Social Security I won't pay “Guarantor my Lord” 25000 DJ for drug myths “fake chinese” Do they want to become lords other than God? Idols have gone and replaced them. These claim to be deity, and even if we accept all this, did this state give me anything, did you help me pay the rent of this shop, did it exempt me from taxes as it does with billionaires, did the scales of justice overturned, and did we hold them to account on the incomes of them? Oil one day, or we asked them our right to it, no, we did not, then they have no right with us, even if we paid our blood as a price for that. You have your religion, and we have our religion. You sowed reap and you planted soil and you will find nothing but dust. Have you thought about this people who conceal their need and poverty in order to preserve their dignity? I am my father. Work in one of the army wires 25 A year and we don't even win a house that belongs to us like everyone else … What has this country offered to the youth who wants to innovate, wants to contribute to building their country, do you want us to ride death boats and go to Europe? We will not stay here even if we drink water alone. Algeria is for all Algerians and they have the full right to live a decent and just life. We want to live by laws that respect everyone’s feelings. Laws you know that we are Muslims, we do not want laws that you inherited from your grandmother, France, we are not “movement ” Traitors, we do not beg you and we do not fear you. Fear of God first and foremost. We do not want dilution or heresy. We want to be Algerians and only. …

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