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It is selfish, talkative Is this true?

بسم الله الرحمن الرحيم هل تعاني/ن في العيش مع شريكك ؟ هل التيار منقطع بينكما ؟ هل تتشاجران دائما ؟ هل يصعب عليك فهم شريكك ؟ هل تبوء جميع محاولاتك للتقرب بالفشل رغم صدقك في علاقتك ؟ ألا ترى بأن هناك غموض ولبسا في فهم الآخر؟ الا ترى بأنه ربما تحتاج الى قاموس يشرح اللغة الخفية للآخر؟ كل هذه التساؤلات ... Read More »

Are you married and became a housing and life in Algeria impossible due to exactly?

Question became arises strong today with the situation of poverty in which we live where the majority of young people became a no man's land closer and much easier than muslim and went lofty goals unheeded objectives affection and compassion righteous offspring no longer have a presence became a concern now is to search the woman for marriage to Find a few parts of the women to enjoy … Read More »