Monday , 28 November 2022
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Hey French Foreign Minister Bnsaúg Keep yourself !

In the name of God the Merciful

Yesterday, the French Minister of Foreign Affairs came out against us, with all rudeness and malice, with an offer to the governments in Tunisia and Algeria of the services of their police, who claim to have experience in confronting such demonstrations.


Is this a new type of mandate or an attempt to plunge our countries into another dimension of chaos? I say in the Algerian: “Your goodness is greater without your advantage. We are in us, and Al-Barani forgives us.” .

We reject any foreign interference of any kind in our internal problems. We have learned from previous lessons, and history is not without similar lessons. I call on everyone who promotes and supports this trend among the people of this country to think carefully about its disastrous consequences

I also call upon honorable men who are concerned with the affairs of the country to warn against any interference, especially those who have a platform or an important position or any means of expression and enlighten people about the danger facing them from outside .

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  1. I've never heard of this news before
    But be sure, Khaled, that malicious heads in power welcome such a proposal with open arms

  2. I know this, my friend, and they are known, but there are still men in this country, and such a dangerous penetration cannot be allowed

  3. Peace and mercy of God …
    A colloquial proverb says (The doctor treats his one-eyed) And the understanding understands ….

  4. Peace be upon you

    The moment we listen to the likes of this bitch .. I know that we are handcuffing ourselves and selling all the sacrifices cheaply .!