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Al Jazeera journalist Elias Crum facing Jewish extremists wanted to assault him with courage

You will see in this video how unique journalist Elias Crum Gallant deal with a group of Jewish extremists who tried to attack him in his coverage of the site was the fall of the rockets of the resistance position and Oagafth a thousand men in front of these Jewish extremists watched the video clip and the rest of the subject Read More »

Security Council resolution ceasefire mg and dangerous for the whole region decision

The Security Council voted on a resolution to the cease-fire was vote 14 OK voice and 0 Voice shows, with the United States to vote “Play” And told Condoleezza Rice that they agree with the decision though . The decision is very dangerous on the Gaza Strip and the Hamas movement in particular, and was evident weakness of the failed Arab position even in the understanding of the content of the resolution … Read More »

Reached climax …Heck Per droopy victory for Palestine

Set fire under the feet of these Jews, O governments Ohaloha to Thompshawwa stigma that smile on Mahaakm all these years I ask any Islamic state to refund the punitive raids of the aircraft explosion of Israel's very good time America can not move Europe and powerless by the crisis Read More »