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Al Jazeera journalist Elias Crum facing Jewish extremists wanted to assault him with courage

You will see in this video how unique journalist Elias Crum Gallant deal with a group of Jewish extremists who tried to attack him in his coverage of the site was the fall of the rockets of the resistance position and Oagafth a thousand men in front of these Jewish extremists


Watch the video clip and the rest of the subject

And Jabham all packages and between the whole world over fear, horror and hysteria sustained by the Israelis in this war and the extent of lowliness and ignobility politicians Jews inciting journalists island .oaattabr Elias cram a media rockets pounded the Zionist entity covered the Israeli inside rotten .vthih tribute to the journalist Elias Crum, as well as each his colleagues and all those who work in the Qatari Al-Jazeera

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  1. Actually a gentleman and apparently he knows them well and knows how to treat them
    I wish I know the meaning of the word uttered by them before talking with Sheikh
    Thank Abu Khaled

  2. Elias broke a wonderful Palestinian which makes an impossible Ashan connects Alana's real
    God protect you, O Elias

  3. God does not only happy sweet Palestinian Zlamh Oh heck men oh no

  4. God gives you a thousand thousand health of my correspondents island ….

    Elias Crum …. God revives your origin ……………
    Words can not express ……………….

  5. ana kter m3jbe fe sh5syet elyas kram w ho 3n jad msal el shab el 3rbe ele be 3esh da5el arade el 48 area y2we

  6. I am very much impressed by the magnanimity of Elias Crum and Oova of the Palestinians, I very much love Elias Crum monastery on the mind of these Jews are you

  7. I am in you, O Anagd Pftakr Elias Crum proved you're a Palestinian Lanta in every sense of the word of God protects you

  8. God Aahik reporter Oh yes……….One of the best Arab correspondents……….Strong personality and constant courage……….God Mohi O Elias Crum of your origin…………We are proud of your

  9. God is pleased with you and guide you to Islam, because you Ptstahl all the best

  10. Peace be upon you
    God Anasrk O Elias Karam all labors in his field
    By God, what Ahztwa Chaib who speak pig-Z factor, God forbid long hair with a few Dissolve with God lied Aavacm

  11. Elias You Btjnn if the dragon owns O God Bs

  12. Anagd Elias Crum between the courage and I am impressed with the Kteyeeyeeyeeyeeyeeyer and cover events in Gaza was an exciting

  13. Elias Crum real champion and I hope to continue in this vein Those monkeys Alkhoun cowards afraid of their own shadows

  14. Best Greetings from across the Negev and my God diligently distinguished God Adimk Alana and wishing more excellence ULC

  15. God guide you to Islam for a very hero

  16. The whole island champion

  17. God is one and the old one does not care about the Jews fools

  18. Question for all
    Is there another attack on Gaza at the feast of Eid al? I hope to participate

  19. God protect you, O Elias, God guide you to Islam

  20. I do not see the need to spin manliness and courage of the media prominent media has made its mark in front of a flock of these invaders because the Palestinian child in Palestine itself is a school of courage in the whole Arab world how someone b k ” Elias Crum” ?