Friday , 25 November 2022
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What Ahmqkm O Arabs what Ogbackm

In the name of God the Merciful really means no matter what happens and no matter what happens, the Arabs do not understand the lessons of history lessons do not and do not actually lessons
And described the permanent stupid and turning a blind eye on the facts Tradition , It is unreasonable that the Arab peoples to be this extreme stupidity
Hey people we are in 2011 Astvicoa , These demonstrations that you are doing them and this idiot will sabotage you preached a great future, you are now
You are doing the work of traitors and you offer your own on a platter of gold enemies and help point to accelerate Emczua the new Middle East, which will restore
Fractionation Albuladan Arab Alai small states easily accessible
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  1. Do you sabotage infection moved from one country to another or what ??

  2. And when I say that people are still a child does not know how to ask the right Anhalon Supreme Balom

  3. The enemies of the Arab Revolt

  4. Yes, people are still deficient and governments lack the packages

  5. Arab revolutions are just contagious savings would like people entering the apparent success after its experience in Tunisia and then in Egypt
    Qatar would like to be the engine or paddle for any Arab country, but was not aware that the infection Stsebha day
    Today the revolution has become a means of sabotaging the country and the people and the looting of goods and the impoverishment of the poor and the destruction of the country's buildings and burning property
    Today : After the revolution against God and His religion and laws have become God's punishment is coming from you, so watch fools