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The second time a site is exposed to Algeria piracy and stops completely

The name of God the Merciful I received this morning mail from Brother Pedro tells me that he has piracy official website for e-Algerian POSTE.DZ but this time it seems to have been eradicated on the site fully until allocated him to lose the postal current account segment has been piracy by the hacker known str0xo and his team ... Read More »

Jazzy suffer and star chaotic contest lying

بسم الله الرحمن الرحيم أكتب اليوم عن متعاملي الهاتف النقال في الجزائر وما حصل لهم في الآونة الأخيرة أبدأ بالمتعامل جازي التابع لمجموعة أوراس كوم والذي حسب تتبعي للأحداث يبدو أنه فقد قسما كبيرا من قاعدة بيانات زبائنه لفئات الدفع المسبق يعني أغلبية زبائنه دون أن يتم إعلام الزبائن بهذا الخلل وهذا استنتجه بحكم تواجدي في الميدان من خلال الكثير ... Read More »

Hey Hosni Mubarak ! God does not bless you, O shameless

With all my respects to the Egyptian people of the towering but overfull did not leave us room for a bouquet with all the tragedy suffered by the people of Gaza comes to us Hosni God does not bless it and say will not open the border with Gaza until the traitors comes like him from the Palestinian Authority to coordinate with them, O this, O a criminal situation does not allow such nonsense and excuses that cause ... Read More »

Any holiday on the poor children who will not enjoy the joy of the feast?

بسم الله الرحمن الرحيم الكثير من الأسر هذا العام لن تفرح كسابق عهدها بعيد الأضحى هذا العيد الذي بقدر ما يجلب الفرحة للكثيرين إلا أنه سيجلب الإحباط والاسى لأسر كثيرة أخرى ,This year the difficult earthquake heads of households continuing Bhzach , فبعد الدخول الاجتماعي الحار والذي صحبه شهر رمضان ومن ثم تلاه العيد بكل ما معهم من أعباء أرهقت كاهل ... Read More »

VIRTUAL 3D POOL PRO game billiard new programming Algerian pure

تلقيت بالأمس بريدا من الأخ دويب فيصل يخبرني فيه عن مشروعه البرمجي الجديد الذي يتمثل في لعبة بيلياردو ثلاثية الأبعاد ذات مواصفات احترافية جدا اللعبة كما يصرح صاحبها فيصل تعتمد كليا على برمجية شخصية لكل من رسومات الغرافيكGraphicsأو بالنسبة للمحرك الفيزيائيPhysics engineوهذه اللعبة.. Read More »

Where is justice in this country? Citizen sells his kidney to another Atqot and pour him millions because he is asleep”B”

How do think guards lockers in this country where the aggrieved justice and good governance in their actions and in their laws Oihspon they live alone or we ewe wherever they sponsor them Hishoa Oihspon went to the minds of them think better of the minds of all the people or the people they think is a minor… Read More »

Daily power outages at the ears of Morocco Is it coincidence or behind it other purposes?

About a week ago and electricity cut off in central and eastern Algeria periodically at every time when the ears of the Asr prayer and the time when the Maghrib prayer and time when the evening prayers and the last drop of half an hour to a full hour and the strange thing……. Read More »

Are you married and became a housing and life in Algeria impossible due to exactly?

Question became arises strong today with the situation of poverty in which we live where the majority of young people became a no man's land closer and much easier than muslim and went lofty goals unheeded objectives affection and compassion righteous offspring no longer have a presence became a concern now is to search the woman for marriage to Find a few parts of the women to enjoy … Read More »

Post your thoughts.. You talk in politics “Code Hammoud Studio” Pink with them

Article published in the Code of Hammoud Studio on 14 January 2007 This article dear brother Essam “Code Hammoud Studio” Thread has moved me and I responded to him and to you the article with pink below the wonders of things Amadgadtha that frustration and distress caused to the Arab country became so attached tongues and opinions of ordinary citizens'.. A friend who knew about my blog not surprised this while researching ... Read More »

“Knights of the Holy” In the month of Ramadan to choose the best reciter

Islamic version of the “Star Academy” In Algeria heroes keepers Quran Source:Arabiya Algeria- Ramadan Belamra initiated Algerian Television Corporation, in coordination with the Ministry of Religious Affairs, the launch of an Islamic version of the famous program “Star Academy” But instead of singing competition, participants will compete six centuries, during the month of Ramadan, in the recitation of the Koran to be in the end choose the best reciter… Read More »