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Terms and Conditions dealing with daily mail services

1. Preface

  • a. Apply these general terms and conditions that govern the general relationship on all products and / or services, whether opened or obtained at a later date or prior to the date of signing these conditions .
  • B. The daily mail is authorized according to its sole discretion and without any responsibility towards them, whatever the customer . To change or modify the proportion of the service and the minimum requirements applicable to any product or service from time to time according to market changes or instructions based on the Ministry of Post and Algerian Communication Technologies .

2- Definitions

  • a. “Daily Mail” Means the daily mail Foundation Web Services / Or commissioners of the daily mail .
  • B. “Services” We are all the products and / or services provided by the daily mail to its customers.
  • C. “Agents” or “Distributors” It means the institution or the shop, which is marketed and promotes daily mail services .
  • of the. “Customer” It is the natural person who purchased any of the services provided by the daily mail .
  • e. “Deputation” Means a person authorized by the customer and authorized to request services and communicate with the daily mail .
  • And. “Length of service” It is the time period until the end of all the services provided by the daily mail client for which the contract is valid during this period .
  • Of. “The amount of service” Is the service provided specifications in terms of quantity for each service provided and which are not allowed to be exceeded.
  • H. “Bandwidth” All data that is transmitted over the Internet lines to and from the site.
  • I. “Terms of Use” It means the regulations and the laws of everyday use e-services agreement and are provided daily mail to the customer .
  • The. “Daily mail Online Service” It means the client and / or the user to enter the computer to access the daily e-mail services (By modem browser and Internet Service Provider).
  • K. “the user” Means a person authorized to by the client (And agree on it by the daily mail) Login electronically to the accounts of the services provided to the customer with the daily mail .
  • to. “a work day” It means the day of the official working days to mail daily .

3- The validity of the Convention

  • a. This agreement will remain in effect until it is terminated by the daily Postal Corporation
  • B. The customer can terminate this Agreement at any time by notification by e-mail registered by the first time or amended and approved by the daily mail last this month from the date of termination before and that the client pays all wages owed to mail daily, and it will not be re any wages or subscriptions paid in advance .
  • C. The daily mail may terminate this Agreement in one of the following cases :

1- Any at the request of the competent official authorities and authorities vested in them by law time .
2- At any time in the event of a breach of the customer with any provision of this Agreement .
3- For any reason, and after notice directed by e-mail to the client month prior to the termination of the briefing.

4- Customer Obligations

a. This agreement includes all services provided by the daily mail to its customers, so it is the responsibility of our customers in all services provided in all cases, compliance with this Convention and to maintain their visitors and any obligation to other parties to use these services for their way to this Convention .
B. Agents and distributors who provide daily mail services to their customers are bound to this Convention, whether they or did not inform their customers of this Convention, they remain binding on all parties and shall bear the agents and distributors responsible for the commitment of their customers to this Agreement, as well as the daily mail will not be bound to fulfill the obligations of agents and distributors to their customers if they do not comply with the daily mail commitments to its customers .
C. Customer hereby acknowledges the reading of this document that it is forbidden in Islam, or a system of dealing with him, and that all data provided by or provided to the daily mail, under this request or other, are correct, reliable .

5- Knowledge of the client

a. The use of daily mail services require familiarity with the knowledge in the use of the Internet Protocols, languages ​​and programs and the level of knowledge required depends on the method and the quality of the expected use by the client and the contents of the Messahhaltkhozan .
B. Customer acknowledges that it has the necessary knowledge to deal with the daily mail services, the client acknowledges that the daily mail is not responsible for providing knowledge or support outside the scope of matters related to ensuring the continuation of the work of those services .

6- Confidentiality and security of information and network

  • a. The Getting to know information related to the security of any of the network components, or hardware or software is contrary to this Convention and has knowledge of whether or not the information they are seen as an attempt to penetrate the network security and operating systems, and it includes, but not limited to : Do without written permission to access, use or wiretaps or search for components and information network security data, transfer or use of licenses, to interfere in any user or device or network services including without limitation, trying to drain system resources to transfer large amounts of information in any form or falsification and concealment of sources what kind of information transmitted on the network.
  • B. Contact with servers in order to try to hack or spy on networks connected directly or indirectly, or attempt to circumvent the documentation of user access or security services, network, or account systems . Keep track of any network security systems, inconvenience or any other systems,
    C. Any attempt to fold or causing any harm with the service or customer is prohibited, although the use of any or all of the daily mail networks and its organs should be subject to the controls described in this Agreement and the failure to do so will stop the account with the daily mail retain the right to cancel any account without warning prior.

7- Prohibited activities in all daily mail services

Activities that the customer may be exercised using the daily mail services, the use or attempted use or promote the use of prohibited activities equal to the degree of the offense and is subject to the same provisions and sanctions have daily mail or competent and relevant authorities whether on the Internet or in a country where the daily mail and those prohibited activities For example, but not limited :

  • a. In matters contrary to Islamic law, or contrary to the ethics .
  • B. All the daily mail services without exception did not authorize the use of any form of illegal.
  • C. Contain any data or pages calling for disturbing public security or advocate or encourage any of the types of violence and terrorism .
  • of the. Links to hostile sites, or pornographic sites or in violation of Islamic law.
  • e. Abuse of the legal rights of others, but not limited to :

1-Declaration of private information about a person without his consent.
2- Violation of intellectual property rights .
3- Slander and tarnish the reputation of the business .
4- Deliberate declaration of information claiming damage to persons or official bodies, personal or corporate institutions .

  • And. It prevents the storage or distribution of any information or files or materials in violation of the laws. This includes but not limited to : Copyrighted materials and secrets, trademarks, and all the literary and intellectual property rights used without written permission, materials containing legitimate offenses, such as obscenity, slander and threats. Examples of content that prevents placed in sites or even put her links : Pirated software and software penetration protected recordings .
  • Of. Prevents the use or distribution of all types of IRC or any maid programs have programs on all servers daily mail devices .
  • H. Possession or encourage the possession or use of any of the activities / Prohibited programs, whether they work or do not work This acquisition will result in taking action against the user may reach the limit of service arrest or abolition .
  • I. The daily mail right to scan your system files, mail and other data on the daily mail devices to detect prohibited content, or for any other reasons you think is necessary .
  • The. If the customer is unsure of the possibility of a signed violation of conditions of service must contact the mail daily to make sure that .

8- E-mail

The use of postal inconvenience messages ( (SPAM for any purpose whatsoever, to the detriment of the daily mail network or Mkuntha or Mahtoatha so prevents:

  • a. Send spamming ( Messages are not directed for the purposes of the recipient ) .
  • B. Send spoofing ( Messages can not reply to the recipient or know their source ) .
  • C. Send a passive spamming ( Use an external spamming for the benefit of our site hosted ) .
  • of the. Send a trolling ( Repellant messages to develop responses ) .
  • e. Send mailbombing ( Nuisance messages a user does not wish to reply) .
  • And. Create a number of larger than normal use messages ( 20% Of the available system resources ) .
  • Of. Add people in a mailing list without permission, and that all recipients in the mailing lists they must register personally and mailing lists are not used in the distribution of spam .
  • H. Considered annoying messages if violated guidelines for newsgroups or sent to those who have not requested or provide a postal address for public use without requesting consent to receive messages .
  • I. Distribution or sale of programs that serve mentioned activities .
  • The. Any client repeats ” mailbombed ” Or incites such activities is considered violated the terms of this Agreement .

9- Technical support

  • a. The daily mail provides technical support to ensure the functioning of the services provided by the daily mail to its customers only and does not include technical support problems resulting from the use of the client for any external software wrong way, as well as problems resulting from the installation of programs or pages or interpret or solve the problems of those programs and messages of errors running or any acts of the client work on ways but not limited to clear all or any of its files or data or error in the definition of data sources or greater than the allocated capacity loaded within the shared service devices .
  • B. The daily mail provides technical support to customers through one of their systems for technical support and daily mail right to the development of new systems in the technical support also have the right to stop any of the applicable technical support systems, and customers will be informed that the briefing.

10- Accompanying programs

  • a. تقدم البريد اليومي لعملائها مجموعة من البرامج التي تتوفر في لوحة تحكم تلك الخدمات ، وهي غير ملزمة بتوفر أي من البرامج التي يطلبها العميل في لوحة التحكم ، إضافة إلى ذلك فإن جميع تلك البرامج تقدمها البريد اليومي للعملاء كما تأتي من المصدر وبدون تعديلات على كود البرنامج أو واجهة الاستخدام ، وإن الدعم الفني لتلك البرامج يتم عبر مواقع الشركات لمنتجة لتلك البرامج
  • B. Any use of any of the programs offered by the daily mail clients means agree not responsible for the daily mail for any damages or problems arise from this .

11- Backup

We will conduct daily backup service to all devices on our networks to ensure that no significant loss of vital files, but we will not be in a position of responsibility for the loss of any data or time or resources or any other sources as a result of any defects or errors or loss resulting backup recovery process. العميل فقط هو المسئول عن المحافظة على محتويات موقعه من صفحات أو برامج أو أي ملفات أو بيانات أو قواعد بيانات من أي نوع لذلك فإننا نوفر ضمن لوحة التحكم برامج سهلة جداً تقوم بعمل نسخ احتياطية يومية للمواقع بالكامل أو قواعد البيانات على ملفات مضغوطة يسهل تنزيلها من الموقع إلى جهاز العميل ويمكن استرجاعها في أي وقت بنفس البرنامج وبكل سهولة.

12- Limitations and rights

  • a. IP number Client
    عندما تقدم البريد اليومي رقم IP للعميل فإنها تلتزم بتقديم أفضل خدمة ممكنة بالطبع ولكن أيضاً تحتفظ بحقها في التحكم والملكية لأرقام IP والعناوين الأخرى التي قد تستخدم للإشارة للعميل وتحتفظ البريد اليومي بحرية التصرف بالتغيير أو إزالة هذه الأرقام والعناوين ، بعض هذا الإجراءات قد تكون ضرورية أحياناً على شبكة الإنترنت لأغراض متعددة مثل تطوير الشبكة والأجهزة.
  • B.alntaqat
    تحترم البريد اليومي الملكيات الشخصية لنطاقات العملاء ، فهي تسجل بشكل مباشر معلومات النطاق باسم العميل وبريده الإلكتروني ومعلوماته الشخصية، تعطي البريد اليومي العميل لوحة التحكم الخاصة بالنطاق مع اسم المستخدم وكلمة المرور الخاصة به عند الطلب وبذلك يمكن للعميل إدارة نطاقه وكذلك توجيه النطاق المحجوز إلى أي شركة يرغب في الاستضافة لديها ، و/أو نقل النطاق إلى أي شركة أخرى . And then completely abandon its responsibility for any loss or theft or breach of this painting.
  • C. Ranking
    تعتبر أي معلومات أو بيانات للعميل على أي من خدمات البريد اليومي حق للعميل وحده ولا يحق لالبريد اليومي منع العميل من الدخول لتلك البيانات أو منعه من نقلها أو حذفها وأن له الصلاحية الكاملة في إدارتها ، بشرط أن يكون قد أوفى بالتزاماته المالية تجاه البريد اليومي ، وإذا لم يقم بإيفاء الالتزامات فإن لالبريد اليومي الحق الكامل في منع العميل أو المستخدم من الوصول إلى تلك البيانات أو جزء منها ، و/أو حذف تلك البيانات نهائيا.

13- General Terms

  • a. في حال مخالفة هذه الاتفاقية بأي شكل فقد تعرض الخدمة للإيقاف مع احتفاظ البريد اليومي بالحق في حذف أي اشتراك بدون سابق إنذار ، عندما يتم تبليغ البريد اليومي بالمخالفة فإنها ستحقق فيها وخلال هذه الأثناء قد تضطر لإيقاف حق الوصول للخدمات لمنع حدوث مزيد من الأضرار حسب طبيعة وحجم المخالفة والضرر الناتج منها.
  • B. Any failure or delay by the daily mail in the exercise of any right, power or privilege in itself does not constitute a waiver of that right or any part thereof . And any exercise by the daily mail of any right, power or privilege will not prevent it from repeating this practice or any other practice . The rights and judicial measures available legally and enhanced system for each other . It does not exclude any other rights or judicial measures prescribed by law, regulation or instructions applicable .
  • C. In all not mentioned text in these conditions of services regulations, regulations and norms in force in the Republic of Algeria and are subject to jurisdiction to settle disputes that may arise thereon litigation bodies or committees of jurisdiction in Algeria .
  • of the. The daily mail reserves the right to modify these Terms and Conditions at any time and the customer will so inform the briefing, and is considered the client continuation or used in daily use e-services acceptance of those amendments, and that any change carried out by the client in the terms and conditions must be approved by the daily mail in advance.
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