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Service Request Web Design

The customer pay 50% The amount of the service upon request and then after the receipt of the service pays the incomplete 50% The remaining Payment Methods : Inside Algeria : Using postal current account CCP "Account number is sent upon request" Outside Algeria : ويسترن ينيون Western Union

Terms of Service

Terms of the agreement

  • Sites provided by "Daily Mail" Sites are commercial marketing or service may not be used in these sites is contrary to religion, values ​​and traditions accepted
  • In case the offense is stop the service directly, which terminates the contract between the parties
  • His official of the site fully responsible for what is displayed on the site do not bear site "Daily Mail" Any legal liability arising from irregularities sites
  • If the service is terminated stopped paying subscription by the common system and it is given a deadline 14 Days from the date of separation
  • The "Daily Mail" Back up the work of the League to back up any of the sites, and this does not erase the responsibility of the customer to maintain the contents of the site of the pictures or blog entries of its own
  • Offers site "Daily Mail" Permanent support for the sites and this particular definition of customer support methods and the development of content we receive complaints or inquiries through the means of communication on the site's main"Daily Mail"
  • If the client has allowed anyone to add to the contents of his Valmsalah what puts a person on the contents of the site are the responsibility of the client alone
  • Offers site "Daily Mail" Mailing lists in order to communicate with the owner of the website but prevents members easily send mailings nagging
  • If any site violating the conditions will be temporarily suspended until the demise of the effects of these errors
  • Subscribe to service "Daily Mail" Means that the client know how to administer the site, the customer is defined as the basics of managing its own site
  • The client must provide means of communication is always available in case you need to contact the customer, such as e-mail or telephone numbers and other means by which the customer can call in which
  • The goal of the development of these items is to ensure the right of all parties and the definition of the rights and obligations of each party to abide by the terms of a "Daily Mail" By the client
  • Subscribe to Services "Daily Mail" Means you have read these items are well agreed upon and did not show any objection to it

Refund policy

  • Seeks site "Daily Mail" To win the satisfaction of its customers and the site will do all what is possible to achieve this.
  • If you encounter any problem with your order, please contact our customer e-mail service So the site can be resolved.
  • If you are unsatisfied 100% For the service provided to you in a period of 7 Days from the date you receive the service are re amount paid with the discount price of only Domain.
  • When making a request reimbursement paid application is accepted only in the case of poor service provided by the site to the client.
  • Errors resulting from the use of bad or hacking or something like that is not entered by the Active This responsibility lies with the client alone.

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