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wordpress content management system | Extras are needed

The name of Allah the Merciful the most important thing makes PHP a powerful system and in vogue – Without talking about the powerful blade – Are many and varied and mostly free addendums Unlike other systems as Joomla and Drupal. These additions expand the possibilities of the sites even harder for you to recognize that it is sometimes based on PHP, seen a lot of these additions ... Read More »

Algiers International Fair …What this mediocrity?

بسم الله الرحمن الرحيم لا أدري ماذا يحصل في هذه البلاد ؟ يعني تظاهرة كبيرة بحجم معرض الجزائر الدولي لم تحظى للأسف بحملة ترويجية محترمة تليق بمقام الجزائر . Even the simplest things miserable demonstration site on the Internet to the degree of untold and does not amount to professional never … The claim that the United States is the guest of honor did not suffer organizers of the site bother ... Read More »

Woe to the community does not recognize, thanks to scientists

In the name of God the Merciful article Professor Qadeer Hassan Khalifa * After the absence of a compelling extended for months, returned to the appearance of Imam site Abdul Hamid Ben Badis, who previously launched by, among Shehab Group, which included "site owner bin Nabi" which we hope will launch again maturities close to the location of "the banks of creativity", which in turn exposed to crashes after ... Read More »

The banks of the creativity of the new site back

The name of God the Merciful returned the banks of the literary creation of the site leading to a new life after being subjected to the disaster was the Faqadn all the contents of the server, which was hosted him for reasons not yet informed her. Read More »

Site Jazeera Talk exposed to penetration

In the name of God the Merciful away from Algeria this time shows the location of Al Jazeera Talk known to hack by hacker Arabs say they are from Libya, Palestine, Jordan The letter that accompanied hack it unclear just 3 Sentences are : Not to the State of Palestine- Yes Palestine – Palestine and Jordan this picture of the site when the hack : Read More »

Penetrate the official website of Algeria in a unique and dangerous precedent by hacker known stroxo

Today I received in my mail 3 E-mails telling me that he was hacked Algeria Mail site at 3 pm and 36 Minutes in the morning of hacker known party… Image of the site during penetration: Read More »

My feeling when surfing any government site…..

لعل الكثيرين منكم يقاسمونني نفس الشعور …..أكيد في بعض الاحيان بينما أنا أتجول بين مواقع الانترنت أصادف مواقع حكومية عربية فأقول في نفسي لنلقي نظرة على محتواها لعلي أجد شيئا مفيدا وبمجرد قرائتي لبعض الكلمات في الموقعRead More »