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But some of you kill another

In the name of God the Merciful Read More »

Egypt, Tunisia, Algerians Beware

Download now or listen on posterous Warning algeria.amr (890 KB) Sounds blog post about the events taking place in Egypt and Tunisia, Algerians message to a post by Mobile Nokia X2 Read More »

Have you heard of something called the Arab-Islamic empire?

بسم الله الرحمن الرحيم جلب أخي الصغير الذي انتقل هذا العام إلى السنة الثانية ثانوي كتبه الدراسية الجديدة , و التي تندرج ضمن المنهاج الجديد , فرحت أتصفحها بسرعة و كوني أحب مادة التاريخ أخذت كتاب التاريخ و بدأت بقرائته وبدأت بالمقدمة التي كانت مقدمة مملة خالية من أي تحفيز أو شيء مفيد و زيادة على كل هذه الردائة لكي ... Read More »

Revolution O Egyptian people are the solution ... !

In the name of God the Merciful what you happen for heaven's sake? We destroyed our feelings and our hearts what you Dhakm O footprint Egyptians . Where popular leaders and thinkers and intellectuals and theorists in this nation ,Taatkhalon for the duty and obligation of this footprint , We offer you excuses but not now and not a thousand ... Read More »

I know who you are in this happy day !

بسم الله الرحمن الرحيم يوم جديد من أيامنا السعيدة يحل علينا اليوم ..إنه يوم العيدعيد الأضحى الذي يعود علينا هذا العام بعد أيام صعبة أيام مليئة بالفتن التي سقط في حبائلها شعبان من أعظم الشعوب المسلمة الشعب المصري والشعب الجزائري على إثر مقابلتين مشؤومتين لكرة القدم وكلكم بدون استثناء قد علم ما حصل و يحصل إلى يومنا هذاRead More »

Axis of evil in the Egyptian media and the Algerian

In the name of God the Merciful, let her have it skunk and has been certified, which does not speak of Hui beloved Muhammad, peace be upon him . Will now declassified for my sword to cut off the curtain, which has long hid behind rioters tribulations of phishers in troubled waters for reasons that go beyond being purely a marketing and profitability of their owners turned magically into patriots are free and Hallelujah changer conditions Read More »

Heck .. not ashamed of your minds ...

In the name of God the Merciful case is disgusting and numbing, and raises a lot of questions about the seriousness of the Arab media ,The vast amount of media coverage received and enjoyed by Algeria match Egypt exceeded all limits and has become really worrying ,Who reads the Algerian and Egyptian newspapers seems to him that there is hostility and war on the verge of falling between these two Muslim countries , ... Read More »

Gaza and began to plan “B” Israel and its allies “Egypt, France, Britain, America”

In the name of God the Merciful I do not believe the positions that changed overnight under the pretext that we were “Deluded ” This position is unacceptable and can not be passed never, After breaking the great steadfastness of the resistance and the people Ghazzawi fork and the prestige of the army Alasriala … Read More »

Vow war next spring on the Middle East

نذر الحرب تلوح هذه الايام بأن حربا يهيأ لها في المنطقة منذ مدة بدأت بتكوين الاحلاف وتحييد الخاملين والضغط على المستهدفين لن أتحدث كثيرا اليكم المعلومات التالية ولأولي الالباب أن يستنتجوا: Read More »