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Social networking monopoly on world public opinion prevents the Facebook channel Russia Today from publishing

Dangerous thing happened today through what was done by Facebook platform where blocked channel Russia Today “The most active channel in Facebook” From publishing any visual content indefinitely in a dangerous precedent makes us think carefully about the future of freedom of opinion and the other opinion within these social networks that were Taatdei long ago as a platform for the freedoms of #Facebook blocks @RT_com from posting until ... Read More »

Facebook explains : Why this decline in the number of visitors to page?

Merciful God, while Facebook has modified Juzimaith in 2013 To determine what users see as the latest news, both have a page on Facebook decreased dramatically to reach members noted to what is posted on his page, in this article explains exactly what happened with Facebook. The subject of a publication on Facebook, Brian Bolan, there Sbeyen major says that the number is less than Alzoarislon to content ... Read More »