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Instead of depicting the U.S. to escape the wonderful video for Hurricane closely

The name of Allah the Merciful has this American and his friend filmed the video for the hurricane hit his hometown of nearby and offered himself to danger , But the result is a wonderful video gives you a closer look at how to move hurricanes and destructive power . Source Read More »

Series fishing heaven 2

In the name of God the Merciful a new date with new content within the fishing sky day series will see a little bit of fun with some moving images of different incidents in addition to the video that no hope of never heard ever since I saw was the band sounds imitate sounds songs without machines and without sound effects really show wonderful ... and more will you see when you read all Thread Read More »

Series fishing heaven 1

  In the name of God the Merciful This is a new series hunting process called Heaven where I will present the most important thing is in the hands of files, videos or pictures ,These files get them through the wonderful program for download random skygrabber who is downloaded through the card and antenna Alsatlit concave ..oalm that many people are unaware of this program, but you do not I will in the coming days, God ... Read More »

A video of members of the ruling family torturing a citizen of the UAE in all abomination

The name of God the Merciful This video clip show on abc news channel shows a US ruling family in the UAE torturing a citizen various types of torment in a UAE deserts horrible footage shows the hatred that person . Whatever the reason, no human being has the right to do whatever was in such heinous acts of this crime and terrorism should be punished by the owner ... Read More »

Look at what the Israelis do in small Ghazaoip beautiful girl

Withstand the scenery and grief manifested in a beautiful Ghazaoip girl who amputated her Israeli army men brutally and sad view of Mbeki ah ah God and yes the agent and that you Taatjelo the size of suffering…Despite all that life radiates The hope of her words learned O…. Take lessons… Watch the video clip in the rest of the Thread Read More »

Al Jazeera journalist cry from the intensity of the scene the children of Gaza martyrs

Poignant scenes really crying her up stone these scenes that must be the feelings of the rulers and decision-makers Muslims to punish the Zionist enemy a move that severely punish these scenes who cried the journalist in Al-Jazeera Jamal Rayyan and made me cry with him and Obactna seven days a war on the Gaza Strip wounded Enduring these scenes that I do not know We will see if our rulers and our decisions makers to move without an ... Read More »

Strip sold traitors sold and turned their backs to celebrate Christmas

Mazzzzzzzma left for us to understand that our rulers all both traitors, traitors, traitors have sold the sanctity of Gaza sold them selling cheap sold it because it is ruled by no secular Freemason ilk sold them because governed by true Muslims refused to bow and surrender, preferring patience and resistance despite the blockade, which was the most sway from side Arab siege of Arabic before being a Zionist I invite the rulers ... Read More »