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Photos from a business trip in communication towers

In the name of God the Merciful some pictures of the business in each of the city of Blida and Algiers images taken over the communications towers trader star Read More »

Citations : Islamic nation ...

In the name of God the Merciful . This is a new quote from an important article talks about the reasons for the lack of success of Islamic movements in the leadership of the nation .   The beholder to the Arab political, economic, social and scientific world conditions, يهوله ما يرى، فهو يرى دولاً تتفكك كما هو حادث في السودان والعراق والصومال واليمن إلخ، ويرى طائفية تستشري، وقبلية تترسخ، ويرى ضعفاً في البحث العلمي مع ... Read More »