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Preferred to remain silent ... because silence is the most powerful voice

This is in response to a blog I wrote my friend Essam on my essay Oh my.. To hurt your hand  Clip photographer in this article Astvzni to write these words What a look shameful in this clip here know how to look at the people they see from the angle of the defeated people and the loss of hope and promoting this idea with such a clip they want a little of the songs and words the glory of the whole industry of a nation ... Read More »

Gaza and began to plan “B” Israel and its allies “Egypt, France, Britain, America”

In the name of God the Merciful I do not believe the positions that changed overnight under the pretext that we were “Deluded ” This position is unacceptable and can not be passed never, After breaking the great steadfastness of the resistance and the people Ghazzawi fork and the prestige of the army Alasriala … Read More »