Thursday , 4 June 2020
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For me this is ....

Merciful God, what is your definition of the character? ... Read More »

From today Ndorōha rolling !!

بسم الله الرحمن الرحيم قررت منذ اليوم أن أبدأ بالكتابة من فترة لأخرى بالدارجة الجزائرية … ولكن لماذا ؟ هكذا حبا في دارجتي و كذلك ليكون صوتي مسموعا لشريحة جديدة من الزوار الجزائريين الذين لا يحبذون كثيرا التحدث بالعربية الفصحى وهي كذلك فرصة ليتحدث الواحد بتفصيل أكثر عن الكثير من القضايا المحلية ….إذن التدوينات سوف تكون موجهة للجزائريين فقط لأني ... Read More »

My first audio broadcast on the network

بسم الله الرحمن الرحيم كثيرا ما سمعت عن البث الصوتي podcast لكنني لم أكن أهتم به لأسباب تقنية أهمها ضعف سرعة الانترنت عندي ما يضطرني للانتظار كثيرا لسماع تسجيل ما … المهم اليوم خطرت لي الفكرة وقلت لماذا لا أجرب فلن أخسر شيئا … أولا قمت بالبحث في أقراصي الكثيرة عن برنامج يسهل لي العملية لم ابحث كثيرا فعتدي dvd ... Read More »

The most important series of add-ons that I use Firefox Tab Scope

In the name of God the Merciful  Today will let you know to add a light but important for me this added called TAB Scope , This keeps the added transition between the tongues of your browser every time , To lose a page if it has been completed or not. Just notation on the tongue of a small window page will give you a mini look anyway without page shows you move from the page ... Read More »

Reached climax …Heck Per droopy victory for Palestine

Set fire under the feet of these Jews, O governments Ohaloha to Thompshawwa stigma that smile on Mahaakm all these years I ask any Islamic state to refund the punitive raids of the aircraft explosion of Israel's very good time America can not move Europe and powerless by the crisis Read More »

Where is justice in this country? Citizen sells his kidney to another Atqot and pour him millions because he is asleep”B”

How do think guards lockers in this country where the aggrieved justice and good governance in their actions and in their laws Oihspon they live alone or we ewe wherever they sponsor them Hishoa Oihspon went to the minds of them think better of the minds of all the people or the people they think is a minor… Read More »

What gave me the state to give her? Enough laughter to Zqonna not stupid !

What do you want the state of the young man in front of him and not behind all these taxes under various names Otridny that I pay it from where? Read More »