Tuesday , 2 June 2020
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Researcher lantern Quranic Advanced | Of the coolest projects Algerian

In the name of God the Merciful does not describe to you how happy I am with this wonderful project, which was produced by a group of students Algerian , Which is a researcher in the Quranic Advanced wonderful suit and available on many platforms, The most important of the web interface at the following address http://www.alfanous.org/ar/ or application can be installed on various Windows systems Linux or Android . This project deserves all the support ... Read More »

The new victim to hacker team mafia Crow site Baraka Bank

In the name of God the Merciful again and always successfully managed a team Algerian hacker mafia crew led by hacker stroxo drop OSI-mail to Al Baraka Bank Algeria at the following address : http://www.albaraka-bank.com/ and easily and reduce writing these lines are still breaking the site and carries the following message : Read More »