Friday , 17 September 2021
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From here the way back ..mouka Engineering

In the name of God the Merciful talk to you today about an Arab youth new site is the engineering site identified him by its founder, the young Syrian blogger known as Abdul Karim Al Aweer who guided me today and you actually visited the site, which impressed me from the first surf ,Comfortable and beautiful appearance of the site and its distance from the complex Ihamsk to browse content threads that spread over several sections of activist ... Read More »

Why do not you meet with the owners of literary blogs ...

In the name of God the Merciful the subject written by Tahir Hello to you of what I liked most during the recent period and pulling my attention is the experience "barcamp", how the idea started and how it has become .... I followed the idea since the first topic ... .alvkrh to meet a group of bloggers and interested in Web technology somewhere, speak on issues related to the Web, and information technology .... ... Read More »

I like the series of Arab Blogs 2

The name of God is a second theme of the chains of the Arab blogs that impair my admiration for another three distinct codes at least for me raise my interest and take a lot of my time , Read and comment and post content that I Uwe even a modicum talk about in response to the beautiful and gratitude for the efforts Read More »

I like the series of Arab Blogs 1

The name of God the Merciful This is another new series of forums daily mail this series Sa_khassa to draw the attention of visitors to the blogs I visit and I like beautiful response to the efforts exerted by all the Arabs and Muslims bloggers to enrich the Arabic content I hope that Troukkm Read More »