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Death to you, O poor people - highway..

In the name of God the Merciful Here is the last remaining sections of the highway began to complete the one open after the other we have been previously hoped that a miracle occur and extend the deadlines so that this does not open the way, but was tipped wantonly locked up our breath on the signed vigilant and waiting ... but it is too late and has spent us evil spend ... Read More »

Any holiday on the poor children who will not enjoy the joy of the feast?

بسم الله الرحمن الرحيم الكثير من الأسر هذا العام لن تفرح كسابق عهدها بعيد الأضحى هذا العيد الذي بقدر ما يجلب الفرحة للكثيرين إلا أنه سيجلب الإحباط والاسى لأسر كثيرة أخرى ,This year the difficult earthquake heads of households continuing Bhzach , فبعد الدخول الاجتماعي الحار والذي صحبه شهر رمضان ومن ثم تلاه العيد بكل ما معهم من أعباء أرهقت كاهل ... Read More »

Objectively about marriage and poverty on CNN Arabic

While I'm looking at my website visits today, I see a link to CNN Arabic in the variety corner “Weekly blogs ” In it, a topic was presented about marriage and poverty in Algeria, in which I talked about the miserable situation that Algerian youth live in today, and here is the link to the topic on CNN Arabic Read More »

Are you married and became a housing and life in Algeria impossible due to exactly?

Question became arises strong today with the situation of poverty in which we live where the majority of young people became a no man's land closer and much easier than muslim and went lofty goals unheeded objectives affection and compassion righteous offspring no longer have a presence became a concern now is to search the woman for marriage to Find a few parts of the women to enjoy … Read More »