Monday , 11 November 2019
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Special Forces US Army intervenes in the Algerian territory depth

Caught my attention entitled US report that US Special Forces since 2006 Until 2016 It intervened and carried out military operations in 70% من بلدان العالم فأخذني الفضول لتصفح التقرير و في داخلي قناعة بأن الجزائر غير معنية بهذه العمليات لأن دولتنا لا تسمح بأي تدخل أجنبي داخل أراضيها لكنني فوجئت بالخريطة البيانية التي تظهر بأن الجزائر من ضمن هذه الدول المستباحة ... Read More »

Images of torture at Abu Ghraib, which Obama refused to publish

In the name of God the Merciful showed me my dear brother “Walker true ” By Twitter on the site telefgraph news and presented for the first time images of torture at Abu Ghraib, which US President Obama's refusal to publish its ugliness and fancy American soldiers in the torture of innocent Iraqi prisoners who had suffered two … Pictures show where prisoners SINS a very ugly so I would advise people with weak hearts avoid vision Read More »