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Louisa Hannoun island Algerian state

Criticizing at the same time address some of the foreign media of the situation in Algeria way, expressing deep in her wish that all foreign channel covering what is happening in their country, stressing that what you are doing these channels “Democracy is not”. via and Louisa Hanoun was here mean Al Jazeera on what I think I also did not like Al Jazeera's coverage of the march but I think ... Read More »

Citations : Islamic nation ...

In the name of God the Merciful . This is a new quote from an important article talks about the reasons for the lack of success of Islamic movements in the leadership of the nation .   The beholder to the Arab political, economic, social and scientific world conditions, He is terrified by what he sees, as he sees countries disintegrating, as is the case in Sudan, Iraq, Somalia, Yemen, etc., and he sees sectarianism spreading, and tribalism taking root, and he sees weakness in scientific research with ... Read More »

Citations: Details…

In the name of God the Merciful This is a new classification developed by the oldest of the quotes I have read within the articles, books or the like could see where the benefit of the reader . But the worst Gwayat detail is that «the standard deviation» who wasted «meaningful» of any incident where the mind goes out to recognize the All or «essence» provide him with sufficient follow-up what his eye and ear of the «parts» does not exceed «appearance» no value ... Read More »

Al Jazeera Talk back stronger and more beautiful

In the name of God the Merciful I liked the message left by members of Al Jazeera Talk site Alyusbandh their message and told them God bless them and helped them in their efforts to re-create the site again a great tribute to them Powered by Bilbo Blogger Read More »

Al Jazeera journalist Elias Crum facing Jewish extremists wanted to assault him with courage

You will see in this video how unique journalist Elias Crum Gallant deal with a group of Jewish extremists who tried to attack him in his coverage of the site was the fall of the rockets of the resistance position and Oagafth a thousand men in front of these Jewish extremists watched the video clip and the rest of the subject Read More »

Al Jazeera journalist cry from the intensity of the scene the children of Gaza martyrs

Poignant scenes really crying her up stone these scenes that must be the feelings of the rulers and decision-makers Muslims to punish the Zionist enemy a move that severely punish these scenes who cried the journalist in Al-Jazeera Jamal Rayyan and made me cry with him and Obactna seven days a war on the Gaza Strip wounded Enduring these scenes that I do not know We will see if our rulers and our decisions makers to move without an ... Read More »

Map of interactive events in Gaza

News source code Mohammed Bashir launched shortly before the new media department at Al Jazeera a new service to document the events in Gaza through an interactive map and timeline of events. Read More »