Friday , 3 February 2023
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The second time a site is exposed to Algeria piracy and stops completely

The name of God the Merciful I received this morning mail from Brother Pedro tells me that he has piracy official website for e-Algerian POSTE.DZ but this time it seems to have been eradicated on the site fully until allocated him to lose the postal current account segment has been piracy by the hacker known str0xo and his team ... Read More »

je t'aime mon pere This is what I found in the paper and coin category 200 DA “جديد Money-mail “

I have called this kind of literature Pal cash courier or Money-Mail This new paper and grandmother today and where the word love you dad je t'aime mon pere, and I've liked so I wanted to share with you the hope of those who liked the picture to comment on it and has such pictures on the banknotes Fleurzlea us the following e-mail but not the title bears the words :Money-Mail Read More »