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Team Mafia Crew penetrates the most important phrase of the Algerian government websites in one night

In the name of God the Merciful External Bank of Algeria site ,University site ,Biskra, Site wissal ,Social Security Fund website ,موقع Cerist ,مواقع INPTIC و Test-Web و ARN, Epsom, one, Assises du tourisme ... Wu long .walqaimh large number of the most important Algerian government sites penetrate once by a team Alhecr MAFIA-CREW Read More »

I like the series of Arab Blogs 2

The name of God is a second theme of the chains of the Arab blogs that impair my admiration for another three distinct codes at least for me raise my interest and take a lot of my time , Read and comment and post content that I Uwe even a modicum talk about in response to the beautiful and gratitude for the efforts Read More »

Series fishing heaven 3 Particularly Iran protests

In the name of God the Merciful I will give you in this new episode of the sky fishing series and particularly some of the most important images taken by the Iranian perception of the bitter reality experienced by the Iranians these days with mass demonstrations and chaos in the country Read More »

Steel Hearts

I wrote to you a dignified name of God the Merciful The human heart is changing as the man himself is changing, so we may be like the heart metal, when man is born to be his heart white innocent on a great young age, he loves genuinely and laughs from his depths and do not disturb the temperament anything, it So gold is not eroded, and stainless and not ... Read More »

Barrier terrorist victim is located in Mansoura 30 Gendarmes with the eyewitness account of the region “Modernization”

بسم الله الرحمن الرحيم تعرضت دورية للدرك الوطني في مدينة المنصورة ولاية برج بوعريرج شرق العاصمة في المنطقة المسماة عين دفلة حوالي الساعة 8 Half past eight to nine pm to terrorist barrier tightly around a victim 30 Gendarmes and according to unconfirmed information, the number of terrorists who carried out the operation they are about 100 Terrorist According to our sources, a novel.. Read More »

What do you do if?

1. False start began I wrote you a decent sometimes pass us some positions, and in moments of non-conscious we take the wrong decision, and passes us more time and we do not realize it, Venstmr this error … Read More »

Algerians thousands flock to the city of Blida to watch the encounter Egypt Algeria

In the name of God the Merciful is stunning too, as if for a wedding Algeria bans similar to the Independence Day national flags fluttering everywhere I turned your face and shops, most broadcast songs Sports spherical waves of great humanity are all bound for the city of Blida to watch the meeting scheduled with the Egyptian team ” I do not think the stadium will suffice for this huge number of arrivals ” …By virtue of a local presence on the side of National Road ... Read More »

So do not forget Gaza !

In the name of God the Merciful This video knee-day war on Gaza from various satellite channels in which most of the photos and videos that affect and that really affected us here today put it to always remember that Gaza is still suffering, and that it did not end . We must remember that we have to work more ,We have to take advantage of the lessons ,We must plan ,vlyna ... Read More »