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Site Algerian newspaper exposed the country to piracy by Moroccan hacker

In the name of God the Merciful I received a letter today to my by my friend called Kihol tell me where the exposure of Newspaper Website country of piracy by the hacker Moroccan and asked me to Osudh information but I did not even know about it something and then he sent a picture of an article from the same newspaper which confirms Brohzh a photo essay … Read More »

Barack Hussein Obama, the prophet of the new world

In the name of God the Merciful Barack Hussein Obama is the name of a magical tone tickle the ears of many claimed being behind Dreamers Arabs and Agama him carrying offerings please enter them paradise from its door wide …. Read More »

Gaza and began to plan “B” Israel and its allies “Egypt, France, Britain, America”

In the name of God the Merciful I do not believe the positions that changed overnight under the pretext that we were “Deluded ” This position is unacceptable and can not be passed never, After breaking the great steadfastness of the resistance and the people Ghazzawi fork and the prestige of the army Alasriala … Read More »

Gaza was a trap feel the pulse Thzira Arab countries to come to war has begun…

In the name of God the Merciful Israel and rational to America agree that from behind NATO to establish a massive international naval force only for some of the missiles and weapons smuggled into Gaza? Read More »

Look at what the Israelis do in small Ghazaoip beautiful girl

Withstand the scenery and grief manifested in a beautiful Ghazaoip girl who amputated her Israeli army men brutally and sad view of Mbeki ah ah God and yes the agent and that you Taatjelo the size of suffering…Despite all that life radiates The hope of her words learned O…. Take lessons… Watch the video clip in the rest of the Thread Read More »

Al Jazeera journalist Elias Crum facing Jewish extremists wanted to assault him with courage

You will see in this video how unique journalist Elias Crum Gallant deal with a group of Jewish extremists who tried to attack him in his coverage of the site was the fall of the rockets of the resistance position and Oagafth a thousand men in front of these Jewish extremists watched the video clip and the rest of the subject Read More »

Security Council resolution ceasefire mg and dangerous for the whole region decision

The Security Council voted on a resolution to the cease-fire was vote 14 OK voice and 0 Voice shows, with the United States to vote “Play” And told Condoleezza Rice that they agree with the decision though . The decision is very dangerous on the Gaza Strip and the Hamas movement in particular, and was evident weakness of the failed Arab position even in the understanding of the content of the resolution … Read More »

Al Jazeera journalist cry from the intensity of the scene the children of Gaza martyrs

Poignant scenes really crying her up stone these scenes that must be the feelings of the rulers and decision-makers Muslims to punish the Zionist enemy a move that severely punish these scenes who cried the journalist in Al-Jazeera Jamal Rayyan and made me cry with him and Obactna seven days a war on the Gaza Strip wounded Enduring these scenes that I do not know We will see if our rulers and our decisions makers to move without an ... Read More »

Allah O insist on Gaza wound killing us, O Lord,

Israeli terrorist war machine after it failed to target the brave resistance fighters today bombed two schools two UN “Onoroa” Which Kat resort to families that bombed their homes have been cited dozens of children and women .almnzer very unfortunate and back-breaking …To decision-makers when Muslims move to respond to these massacres bit of pride O Muslims little faith …Endowed with the support of our brothers ... Read More »

Link to the wound and resisted and wipe tears sad

Tighten the wound and resisted and wipe tears will not obtain sad grief of us will not compromise will not relent a wonderful song raise discouraging Muslims stationed to defend the nation's honor Read More »