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Hey Hosni Mubarak ! God does not bless you, O shameless

With all my respects to the Egyptian people of the towering but overfull did not leave us room for a bouquet with all the tragedy suffered by the people of Gaza comes to us Hosni God does not bless it and say will not open the border with Gaza until the traitors comes like him from the Palestinian Authority to coordinate with them, O this, O a criminal situation does not allow such nonsense and excuses that cause ... Read More »

Reached climax …Heck Per droopy victory for Palestine

Set fire under the feet of these Jews, O governments Ohaloha to Thompshawwa stigma that smile on Mahaakm all these years I ask any Islamic state to refund the punitive raids of the aircraft explosion of Israel's very good time America can not move Europe and powerless by the crisis Read More »

Strip sold traitors sold and turned their backs to celebrate Christmas

Mazzzzzzzma left for us to understand that our rulers all both traitors, traitors, traitors have sold the sanctity of Gaza sold them selling cheap sold it because it is ruled by no secular Freemason ilk sold them because governed by true Muslims refused to bow and surrender, preferring patience and resistance despite the blockade, which was the most sway from side Arab siege of Arabic before being a Zionist I invite the rulers ... Read More »

Bush is being attacked with a weapon Iraqi funky

The name of God the Merciful, US President George W. Bush suffered a sudden attack of Iraqi journalist party where a weapon is used traditional moral cause severe damage to all of you, the hall was full images and video …     Read More »

Any holiday on the poor children who will not enjoy the joy of the feast?

بسم الله الرحمن الرحيم الكثير من الأسر هذا العام لن تفرح كسابق عهدها بعيد الأضحى هذا العيد الذي بقدر ما يجلب الفرحة للكثيرين إلا أنه سيجلب الإحباط والاسى لأسر كثيرة أخرى ,This year the difficult earthquake heads of households continuing Bhzach , فبعد الدخول الاجتماعي الحار والذي صحبه شهر رمضان ومن ثم تلاه العيد بكل ما معهم من أعباء أرهقت كاهل ... Read More »

VIRTUAL 3D POOL PRO game billiard new programming Algerian pure

Yesterday, I received a mail from Brother Dwaib Faisal telling me about his new software project, which is a 3D billiards game with very professional specifications. The game, as its owner Faisal states, relies entirely on personal software for all of the graphics. “Graphics” Or for the physics engine “Physics engine” And this game.. Read More »