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Video barrier fake terrorist who signed an unarmed policeman killed in Tizi Ouzou

The name of God the Merciful, after I read in the Algerian daily Al-Nahar that sad story which talks about the killing of an unarmed policeman at the hands of terrorists Ntnin cowards in a fake checkpoint on the road to Tkezirt searched for the video on the Internet until I found I present to the readers of my blog and all Algerians to know who they are really terrorists are terrorists Bastards and cowards …اللهم أحرقهم وشردهم ... Read More »

And woe to you, Algeria young people are dying in silence behind a living

The messages coming in from all over the country Aziz suffering for the sake of our young people for a living and this time I got the message from Brother Mohammed from the border town of singer did not even confirmed the completed shed tears on my cheeks from excessive pain and anguish on Mananih The title of the message : I read my Algerian Khaled Vkatebha Read More »

Feed it the launch of service to bring the conclusions of any site link .

In the name of God the Merciful After the service wonderful encrypt it “Hfarha” To encrypt texts we brother come out, and the Palestinian friend handsome Abu Singer, a new service no less important than the first, namely feed it service to search for a summary RSS for any link site contains a great service of this property provides a great effort we wish brother handsome all the best and invite everyone to experience the service and encouraged and supported by various ... Read More »