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Eid true all Happy New Year

On the occasion of Eid al-Fitr Happy pray to God Almighty to bless us up in faith and return to the teachings of Islam and after the evil and the devil and near to God and pray to God to grant victory to Islam and Muslims and infidels routed “valmnafqyn” It also opens up our minds that we call our eyes away from us each and every affliction charlatan Murid and pray to God to make us of the outstanding and serious and tireless and makes us inactive laggards discouraged ... Read More »

Objectively about marriage and poverty on CNN Arabic

While I'm looking at my website visits today, I see a link to CNN Arabic in the variety corner “Weekly blogs ” In it, a topic was presented about marriage and poverty in Algeria, in which I talked about the miserable situation that Algerian youth live in today, and here is the link to the topic on CNN Arabic Read More »

Elaph electronic newspaper on the way sex Playboy in Great Ramadan

Onzero O Muslims is to inform you of the prestigious Journal Electronic claims Althzer was unable to conceal secretes they contain Alsollnah corrupting the land and overlooking us in the holy month of Ramadan “O Muslims, Ramadan Ramadan ” Subject to the way Playboy entitled b “When women undressing Chimera “… Read More »

Vow war next spring on the Middle East

Vow war looms these days that a war in the region have groomed since the duration of the composition of alliances and neutralize the inactive pressure began on the target will not talk much to you the following information and preliminary to conclude kernels: Read More »

Penetrate the official website of Algeria in a unique and dangerous precedent by hacker known stroxo

Today I received in my mail 3 E-mails telling me that he was hacked Algeria Mail site at 3 pm and 36 Minutes in the morning of hacker known party… Image of the site during penetration: Read More »

Daily power outages at the ears of Morocco Is it coincidence or behind it other purposes?

About a week ago and electricity cut off in central and eastern Algeria periodically at every time when the ears of the Asr prayer and the time when the Maghrib prayer and time when the evening prayers and the last drop of half an hour to a full hour and the strange thing……. Read More »