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Is the global economic crisis is the fact that a new or counterfeiting?

By God, we all hear these days about the economic crisis that is striking the world from east to west, and its source again is the United States of America, the creator of events for the twentieth and twenty-first centuries, but I had many doubts about the validity of this crisis, and I do not think that it is only the beginning

A new malicious planning and strategy has been implemented by the heads of the global axis of evil, and I think that the honeymoon years are over and a new era will begin, an era that will take us back years, or say centuries, and its biggest victims will, of course, be the Muslims, the traditional enemy of the world. “the inveterate” Deal-making is over, and the era of slaps has replaced it from now on. Whoever used to say goodbye with words, let him wait for punches. Whoever was defending himself with denunciations, let him take up arms. What is coming will only be threats. …Western countries are not safe “Whoever does not believe in his evil in his dream, it is foolish to believe in his anger ” So it's time to tighten your belts

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