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Daily power outages at the ears of Morocco Is it coincidence or behind it other purposes?

منذ حوالي اسبوع و الكهرباء تنقطع في وسط و شرق الجزائر بشكل دوري عند كل آذان مرة عند صلاة العصر ومرة عند صلاة المغرب ومرة عند صلاة العشاء ويدوم الانقطاع من نصف ساعة الى ساعة كاملة و الغريب في الامر……. Read More »

Post your thoughts.. You talk in politics “Code Hammoud Studio” Pink with them

Article published in the Code of Hammoud Studio on 14 January 2007 This article dear brother Essam “Code Hammoud Studio” Thread has moved me and I responded to him and to you the article with pink below the wonders of things Amadgadtha that frustration and distress caused to the Arab country became so attached tongues and opinions of ordinary citizens'.. A friend who knew about my blog not surprised this while researching ... Read More »