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Egypt, Tunisia, Algerians Beware

Download now or listen on posterous Warning algeria.amr (890 KB) Sounds blog post about the events taking place in Egypt and Tunisia, Algerians message to a post by Mobile Nokia X2 Read More »

What Ahmqkm O Arabs what Ogbackm

بسم الله الرحمن الرحيم يعني فعلا مهما حدث ومهما يحدث فإن العرب لا يستوعبون الدروس لا دروس التاريخ و لا دروس الواقع و صفتهم الدائمة التقليد الغبي و إغماض العيون عن الحقائق , من غير المعقول أن تكون الشعوب العربية بهذا الغباء الشديد يا ناس نحن في عام 2011 استفيقوا , هذه المظاهرات التي تقومون بهم وهذا التخريب الغبي سيعود ... Read More »

Of imaging in the good old days

بعض من الصور التي التقطتها في السنوات الماضية حين كنت أمتلك آلة تصوير تعتبر جيدة نسبياآه كم أعشق التصوير ولكني لا أملك واحدة الآن . أريد أن أحصل على هاتف جوال جيد ويتكون من آلة تصوير ذات جودة عالية هناك الكثير من هذه الأجهزة ولكنها باهضة الثمن . See and download the full gallery on posterous Read More »

An audio recording by mobile

Download now or listen on posterous Enreg000.amr (28 KB) Read More »

Hey French Foreign Minister Bnsaúg Keep yourself !

In the name of God the Merciful, we went out and the French foreign minister yesterday and all the insolence and malice display of governments in Tunisia and Algeria Services Bolesha which Taatdei that has experience in the face of such demonstrations This is dangerous talk and blatant encroachment on the sovereignty of our states Read More »

Algeria protests right for the wrong

In the name of God the Merciful, many of what the protests, which affected Algeria since last Wednesday may wonder 5 January and plunged the country into a dangerous spiral of violence claimed the lives of hundreds of wounded and some dead , Protests inability analysts interpreted the finest and most famous TV channels , Some of these protests, called the mistake hunger revolution ridiculous name of Arif fact it , Will recount ... Read More »

Protests and the burning of the headquarters of the e-mail in Sidi Embarak Algeria

The name of God the Merciful, despite the discretion of the imams of the mosques in the city today in the Friday prayers on the show and the risk of violent demonstrations out of obedience to the rulers, however, things went badly in the town of Sidi Embarek Read More »