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Are you married and became a housing and life in Algeria impossible due to exactly?

Question became arises strong today with the situation of poverty in which we live where the majority of young people became a no man's land closer and much easier than muslim and went lofty goals unheeded objectives affection and compassion righteous offspring no longer have a presence became a concern now is to search the woman for marriage to Find a few parts of the women to enjoy … Read More »

Post your thoughts.. You talk in politics “Code Hammoud Studio” Pink with them

Article published in the Code of Hammoud Studio on 14 January 2007 This article dear brother Essam “Code Hammoud Studio” Thread has moved me and I responded to him and to you the article with pink below the wonders of things Amadgadtha that frustration and distress caused to the Arab country became so attached tongues and opinions of ordinary citizens'.. A friend who knew about my blog not surprised this while researching ... Read More »

Some pictures of the partial eclipse, which appeared in Aldzaúrepettarich 16 Ott 2008 On 11 L.

لقد كنت مشغولا و نسيت أمر الخسوف ولكنني بعد أن تذكرت سارعت لالتقاط هذه الصور اضغط على الصورة لرؤيتها بالحجم الكامل Read More »

My feeling when surfing any government site…..

لعل الكثيرين منكم يقاسمونني نفس الشعور …..أكيد في بعض الاحيان بينما أنا أتجول بين مواقع الانترنت أصادف مواقع حكومية عربية فأقول في نفسي لنلقي نظرة على محتواها لعلي أجد شيئا مفيدا وبمجرد قرائتي لبعض الكلمات في الموقعRead More »

A reached their insolence to this extent ! ” Women “

بينما كنت البارحة وكالعادة في محلي دخل ثلاثة شبان بينهم شابة جميلة تبدو حسب لكنتها من الغرب الجزائري قام الشابان بشراء بعض الرصيد للهاتف عادي ومن ثم خرجا وبينما انا انتظر تلك Read More »